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About Us

We empower and inspire our students to achieve their dreams of becoming successful lash artists through our comprehensive and experienced training program

Carina Tang Lash & Beauty, the ultimate destination for lash extension training! We provide experienced and comprehensive eyelash extension training. In business for over 6 years, and Carina has begin our  academy since 2019 and have trained over 150 students of all ages and backgrounds to become lash extension professionals.



Our Mission

We provide luxury Professional Lash kits with over 5,000 lash fans, so our students can start taking 20-30 clients right away or practice on live models without any additional purchase. Our lash extension training programs will prepare you to become a successful lash artist!

Our comprehensive training to ensures that every student is confident in performing a lash set without the supervision of a trainer after completing our course. Our students have an advantage over most newly graduated artists from other academies because we show them all the tips and tricks of the trade. We also offer online support to all of our students, creating a strong bond.

Meet The Team

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